An open letter to paedophiles – Ayodele Olofintuade

It is unfortunate that I cannot open this letter with ‘Dear Paedophile’ because the furthest thing you are is ‘dear’. Yes you are human, and you have feelings, but when it comes to criminality, you are in a class of your own. So many things come to mind when I think of you, things like murderer, thief, rapist and most importantly, evil.

I can tell you categorically that there’s no amount of blood that can wash away your ‘sins’, no amount of self-flagellation, of fasting and praying can give you rest, because what you do is ruin lives. You take pleasure in other people’s pain, you take pleasure in the pain of the helpless and the vulnerable, you are beyond contempt and if there is truly a hell, I know you are already living in it. This hell is not the one designed by the religions, this hell is within your head, in the constant headaches, heartaches, in seeing all the things you love wither and die in your presence. You are already suffering from loneliness, dissatisfaction with yourself, and things can only get worse.

I know psychiatrists have tried to excuse your lack of self-control as a sickness of the mind, but you and I know you are not suffering from any mental illness, we both know that what you are is evil, pure and simple.

Psychiatrists may claim that you might have been also raped as a child, that you might have suffered while growing up, but news flash, so were a lot of people that had their childhoods taken away by your groping hands, sticky fingers, by your lack of self-control. We both know that you could have stopped this cycle of pain, if indeed you had been abused as a child, but you CHOSE not to, you CHOSE, to perpetuate the pain, we both know that having sex with children is the only way you feel POWERFUL.

Yes this is about power. The thrill you get when you take a young child of 5, of 7, of 13, a child who is vulnerable, who knows next to nothing about the evil that lurks in the heart of men and women like you and you crush that child by raping him or her.

No you do not love any of those children because we do not rape the people we love, let’s for one sick moment imagine that you actually, truly, love this child, why can’t you wait till such a child reaches the age of consent, why can’t you wait till such a child becomes an adult and can clearly define what he or she wants.

But your pleasure is taken from somebody you have decided is weaker than you. You enjoy seeing their fear, you enjoy taking their childhood and crushing it in your palms, you are the Biblical devil, the Satan in the Quran, you!

It doesn’t matter if such a child is your own, or somebody else’s all you desire is to kill the essence of this child, to impose your sexuality on this child, to break the child, to maim her or him, taking away any opportunity of such a child growing up freely and happily.

Many people might suppose modernity is the root cause of your evil, that you have access to the internet, to the image of children dancing shoki, but we both know that this is not the case, you and I know that you’ve been practising your evil for years, with the knowledge that in a country such as Nigeria, the likelihood that you’ll be caught or sent to prison for a long time is next to nil.

You thrive in dystopia, you love the way things do not work, and that is why you choose people who you believe cannot talk that is why you choose the weak the vulnerable, the one year old, the three months old child.

No you’re not sick, you are EVIL.

Did you also give to the Mirabel Centre? Oh you’ve not heard about them? Well that’s practically the ONLY centre in Nigeria where the victims of your wickedness are being put together the best they could. But if you’ve heard about them, I bet you did send some money to the fund that is being raised, all these noise, I bet you threw them a couple of naira notes, something to shut up all those infernal feminists.

That money means next to nothing to you, but money can’t buy you a conscience, or the power that you need to desperately to shore up your total lack of self-esteem. That is why you constantly need to rape children.

I wonder how you manage to live with yourself, how you cope with the self-loathing, the knowledge that you haven’t found what you’re looking for- love, self-acceptance, power… that you will continually search for these things inside of yourself and see…nothing because that’s what you are, what you’ll always be…NOTHING!


  1. Some paedophile says:

    You can say what you want, but I was born that way and there is nothing I can do to change that.
    I have just one question: What do you expect me to do?
    Usually the only response I get is “kill yourself” or something like that.


    1. 9jafeminista says:

      Putting your real name here is a good step.


      1. Some paedophile says:

        Do you mean to imply that I should go to prison? Because what would be the point otherwise?
        And unless you have some real advice for paedophiles in general, nothing is ever going to change.


      2. 9jafeminista says:

        You’re shitting us… right? We should “advice” full grown adults to do what exactly? How about that?


      3. Some paedophile says:

        I don’t expect you to offer any advice, but in the same way you should not expect that the situation will change for the better any time soon. I don’t know what you intended when you wrote this piece, but just pointing out a problem that pretty much everyone is already aware of does nothing to solve it, and unless somebody is able to offer a viable solution, the problem will keep existing.
        And believe me, I have not heard of one.


      4. 9jafeminista says:

        Oh there are several solutions imprisonment, then psychiatric treatment and most importantly you being locked away from children… For life! Since you seem so ‘helpless’ in the face of not raping children… You’re pathetic really


  2. Polly says:

    Kill yourself as you serve no productive purpose on earth. You are robbing us of valuable oxygen and you are not putting anything back on earth except to create further peadophiles. Kill yourself and stop killing the future of young children. There you go I said it!


    1. 9jafeminista says:

      Well said Poly… Mr Ms or Mrs Some Paedophile… Here’s one advice for you


  3. Jo Ann says:

    You do know that clinical paedophiles don’t necessarily abuse children. They are certainly no criminals without Actus Reus


    1. 9jafeminista says:

      In Nigeria people do not admit to having clinical mental issues talk less of seeking help. Therefore there’s a lot of child abuse going on.


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